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The Productgroup EBM Product Handlings Systems of VMI is specialized in Automatic Handling Systems. We are active in a selected number of markets in the Food and Non-Food industries. These markets are: Industrial Bakery, Convenience Food, Nonwovens and Special Machinery.

De productgroep EBM Product Handling Systems van VMI is gespecialiseerd in Automatische Handlingsystemen. Wij zijn actief in een zorgvuldig geselecteerd aantal markten in de Food- en Non-Foodbranche. Deze markten zijn: Industriële bakkerijen, Conviende producten, Non-woven materialen en Speciale Machines.

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  • Product Handling

  • Verpakkingsmachines

  • Kratbelading


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Producten van VMI Holland BV (EBM Product Handling Systems)

Crate loading system (Large or Small Bread)

Especially for the bread industry we designed a flexible solution for loading large bread into crates or cartons. This solution can be adapted to the specific crate shape and dimensions... Lees meer.

EBM Top and Side Loader

This solution combines top and side loading in one application.


Capacity: up to 200 products/minute
Flexible system
Quick changeover
Variety of carton box types... Lees meer.

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